When thinking about sleep it is important to make good choices to contribute towards a balanced and healthy life.

With 50-70 million US adults having a sleep disorder, a lot of adults don't know where to begin when it comes to their sleep. Why not begin your sleep wellness journey today?

The critical choices we are faced with are:

  • Sleep loves regularity. The more regular the sleep/wake schedule the better sleep responds
  • Getting lots of light when up and out of bed and then much less light in the evening deepens our sleep quality
  • Keeping alcohol consumption and big meals as far from sleep as possible makes sleep deeper and less interrupted

The steps that are needed to take are:

  • Receive assistance from a sleep coach and use their suggestions as though you are experimenting
  • Keep the changes that make a positive difference in your sleep and then reinforce those habit changes.
  • Getting over that first barrier of recognizing that you may have a sleep issue

The bumps and roadblocks that you are faced with are:

  • Changing your sleep schedule can be difficult due to already having a bad habit with your current sleep schedule
  • Understanding your body needs time to adapt to your new sleep habits
  • Creating an environment that you're able to gain a consistent sleep pattern