Financial wellness is having the ability to lead a healthy financial life. It means your debts are in order and you have sufficient funds for emergency, college and retirement available. It is important to be prepared for any financial crisis.

Employees rank advice from a professional as their top priority for a financial wellness program. Direct counseling from a financial professional makes a difference.

The critical choices we are faced with are:

  • Deciding how much of my income to save
  • Figuring out which financial institution is best to work with for my particular situation
  • Having acceptance of our own current financial circumstances

The steps that are needed to take are:

  • Receiving assistance from a financial coach and working alongside to improve your financial wellbeing
  • Creating realistic financial goals for the future
  • Being disciplined with yourself to stick to a strong financial budget

The bumps and roadblocks that you are faced with are:

  • Living outside of your means. When your lifestyle starts to become more than your income
  • Climbing over the hurdle of the first step to speaking with a financial coach
  • Being unsure about where or how to begin on your financial journey