Parenting in the Digital Age


Presented by Joani Geltman, CompEAP partner

Parenting teenagers is no easy task, especially with the development of technology and social media. Together we will explore the following:

  • How the teenage “emotional brain” gets stimulated by social networking.
  • How the “Imaginary Audience” influences your teen’s performance on social media.
  • Safe and unsafe social media apps.
  • Strategies to monitor and set limits around phone and internet use.
  • How your own behavior with phones and computers can positively and negatively influence your teen.


Sandwich Generation


Presented by Gail Parsons, CompEAP partner

Sixty-four percent of elder caregivers are working full or part-time. More than forty percent also care for children under 18. If you feel the pressure, this practical workshop is for you. If this doesn’t sound like you today, it might very soon. Plan ahead! Participants will:

  • Learn ideas to help find balance, harmony, and success in both personal and professional life
  • Discover resources to support this challenging time of life


Better Sleep for All Ages


Presented by Rick Clerici, CompEAP partner

People of all ages have something in common – the need for rest. Many of us struggle to get enough sleep and feel energized throughout the day. Take some time this month to investigate the keys to satisfying sleep.