Better Sleep for All Ages


Presented by Rick Clerici, CompEAP partner

People of all ages have something in common – the need for rest. Many of us struggle to get enough sleep and feel energized throughout the day. Take some time this month to investigate the keys to satisfying sleep.


Successfully Managing Your Debts


Presented by Jimmy Becker, CompEAP partner

You've borrowed money and now need to pay it back. This webinar is focused on the best strategies for borrowing money, repaying it, and creating spending strategies to
enable you to manage your debt and develop a savings habit. You will learn:
- The different kinds of consumer debts and which to pay down first
- Specific considerations around student loan debt
- Your credit score and credit report and their impact on your borrowing
- When to save more money versus pay off more debt
- Strategies for spending, saving, and budgeting


Nutrition Trends and Myths


Presented by Heidi Roth, CompEAP partner

Intermittent Fasting? Ketogenic? Should you go Vegan or Paleo?
Confused by all the conflicting nutrition information you hear and read?
You’re not the only one – there are plenty of new diet trends and myths out there!
This presentation will help you sort through some of those myths and facts to help you make the right food choices to keep you at your best!


Our racing thoughts: What has mindfulness got to do with it!


Presented by Dr. Lavanya Devdas, CompEAP partner

This interactive workshop focuses on the nature of our thoughts and our relationships to them. Through discussion and practice, we will uncover ways to cultivate a healthier relationship with our thoughts and how to be aware of the blocks that hinder our ability to be in the moment. Participants will be guided through a mindfulness practice that helps us become aware of, and connect with, our thoughts.