When thinking about being positive around mindfulness, it involves practicing and developing good habits related to mindfulness. Below, we have provided resources that can assist you in making good choices to build a positive mind.

Mindfulness meditation can reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder 73% of the time so why not begin your mindfulness journey today?

The critical choices we are faced with are:

  • Being able to learn and grow from experiences
  • Encouraging ourselves to become autonomous and handle critical decision making skills
  • Having acceptance of our own feelings and deciding how to act in response to those feelings

The steps that are needed to take are:

  • Allow gratitude into your life in order to strengthen current relationships
  • Practice being mindful and increase your social awareness
  • Letting yourself accept help and support from others when needed

The bumps and roadblocks that you are faced with are:

  • Letting your emotions get the better of you which results in bad decision making
  • Climbing over the hurdle of the first step
  • Being unsure about where or how to begin on your journey