Your Mental Health Matters! May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

In acknowledgment of Mental Health Awareness Month in May, CompEAP is reminding you how we can support your mental health journey. We provide a blend of mental health solutions available to you and your adult household members. With one call or click, you can connect with a licensed counselor who will take the time to understand your situation and help to determine the best next steps. 
We make it easy to access support. You can be supported by a CompEAP counselor, or we can match you to an appropriate, available counselor in your health plan network. When we match you with a counselor, we always take into account preferences such as gender, race, language and sexual orientation.  
As shown here, there are many different emotional and mental health resources available:

Contact CompEAP at, phone: 800-344-1011, text: 781-999-0902, or by email at