Holiday Financial Recovery

As consumers, many of us are concerned about maintaining our financial well-being after stressful holiday shopping during a year punctuated with inflation. We are beginning the year by focusing on our financial well-being as we wind down from the holiday season and gear up for the economy ahead.

Webinar - Successfully Managing Your Debts

Presented by Jimmy Becker, CompEAP partner

You've borrowed money and now need to pay it back. This webinar is focused on the best strategies for borrowing money, repaying it, and creating spending strategies to
enable you to manage your debt and develop a savings habit. You will learn:
- The different kinds of consumer debts and which to pay down first
- Specific considerations around student loan debt
- Your credit score and credit report and their impact on your borrowing
- When to save more money versus pay off more debt
- Strategies for spending, saving, and budgeting


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