EAP Services

Legal Consultation

CompEAP’s legal services include a consultation with an attorney. If legal representation is needed, the consulting attorney will refer the member to several appropriate resources.

Legal assistance is available for the following: consumer issues, credit problems, bankruptcy, foreclosure, estate planning, domestic violence, income tax, separation and divorce, child custody and support, eldercare, Medicare and Medicaid issues, real estate purchase and sale, and landlord and tenant disputes.
*We do not provide legal consultation for employment law and will assist you in locating resources in your community.

What does my legal consultation include?

  • One 30 minute consultation with a CompEAP attorney
  • Referrals to attorneys that you can consider for hiring if needed.

How do I begin?
You can contact CompEAP the following ways:

  • Phone: 800-344-1011
  • Email: info@compeap.com

Call us today at 800-344-1011 or Email us at info@compeap.com

We are here to help.