Wellness Calendar 2023 We can assist with whatever life throws at you.

January 2023: Holiday Financial Recovery

As consumers, many of us are concerned about maintaining our financial well-being after stressful holiday shopping during a year punctuated with inflation. We are beginning the year by focusing on our financial well-being as we wind down from the holiday season and gear up for the economy ahead.

Article: Knee Deep In Debt
Video: (Webinar) Successfully Managing Your Debts
Featured Service: Financial Consultation

February 2023: Navigating Nutrition “Trends”

Navigating nutrition trends and eating styles can be overwhelming. As we begin new journeys in the new year, join us by examining these trends and discover approaches to eating that work for you.

Article: Making healthier eating choices at home, at the store, and eating out
Video: How The Food You Eat Affects Your Brain
Video: Nutrition Trends and Myths
Featured Service: Nutrition

March 2023: Digital Wellbeing

Technology, while helpful, can also have unhealthy impacts on our overall wellbeing. This month we are mindful of how technology impacts our daily lives, and how to manage a healthy relationship with it.

Article: How Much Is Too Much? Technology, Screen Time, And Your Mental Health
Video: Tips for a Digital Detox
Featured Service: Anxiety

April 2023: Get Organized

April brings Spring clarity! We invite you to discover better organizing tips to help reduce stress and improve productivity in your work and personal lives.

Article: How Decluttering your Space Could Make you Healthier and Happier
Video: Organizing Tips for a Productive Office Space
Featured Service: Time Management Support

May 2023: Mental Health Awareness: Burnout Prevention

Join us as we honor Mental Health Awareness Month by talking about the importance of burnout prevention.  Discover tools and skills to maintain mental health and mental wellbeing in our daily lives.

Article: Mental Health Awareness
Video: (Webinar) Mental Health Response
Featured Service: Depression

June 2023: Mindful Slowing Down

Busy schedules and racing thoughts too often overtake our daily routines. As we prepare for summer, join us as we incorporate mindfulness into our lives and practice slowing down to enjoy the warmer days ahead.

Webinar: Our racing thoughts: What has mindfulness got to do with it! - June 15 at 1PM Eastern
Article: 8 Mindful Ways to Slow Down Time
Video: Slow Down to Go Faster - The Power of Pause
Featured Service: Stress Management