Wellness Calendar 2022 We can assist with whatever life throws at you.

January 2022: Healhy Habits

Positive habits take time and discipline to create. This month we are offering resources to help each of us tackle undesirable patterns and form new, healthy habits that are sustainable. 

Article: How to Break Bad Habits and Change Behaviors
Video: Got a meeting? Take a walk.
Video: (Webinar) - Atomic Habits
Featured Service: Nutrition

February 2022: Financial Freedom

Financial freedom happens when we have sufficient savings and are able to manage our debts. Join us as we review tools to face any financial crisis and achieve financial freedom. 

Webinar: Managing Your Debt - February 17 at 1PM Eastern
Article: Getting Out of Debt
Video: Easy Steps To Get Out Of Debt, According To A Certified Financial Planner
Featured Service: Financial Consultation

March 2022: Grief and Loss

As we approach our second anniversary of Covid-19, moving forward in a healthy way requires that we acknowledge the grief and loss we have all experienced. Join us as we come together to reflect on the challenges we have faced and discuss how to manage our shared feelings of loss. 

Article: Supporting A Grieving Person
Featured Service: Grief and Loss Support

April 2022: Self-Care in the Workplace

For many of us the boundaries between personal and work lives have been all but erased. We invite you to explore practical ways to prioritize time and establish meaningful boundaries in your modern work-life reality. 

Webinar: Shutting Down: Boundaries for Our Work - April 13 at 12PM Eastern
Article: Reducing Workplace Stress
Video: Finding Your Balance : 8 Secrets
Featured Service: Stress Management

May 2022: Mental Health Awareness Month

Let’s be intentional about our mental health. This month we will talk about the importance of proactively improving emotional wellbeing. Join us to learn daily approaches we can all put into practice. 

Webinar: Mental Health Reset: 5 Top Tips for Better Well-being - May 19 at 12PM Eastern
Article: Emotional Well-being in Your Workgroup
Video: (Webinar) - Thought Distortions: Don't Believe Everything You Think
Featured Service: Depression

June 2022: LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month with us as we examine allyship and support for colleagues who may identify differently than ourselves. 

Article: Understanding Gender Identity
Featured Service: Counseling