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January 2021: Renewing Hope in the New Year

2021, like all new years, offers optimism and renewal.  It is up to each of us to generate hope within ourselves and our families.  Many people have reported feeling disheartened from the uncertainty of the future. This month’s resources offer practical ways to create a positive and empowering beginning to 2021.   

Article: Renewing Hope in the New Year
Video: The Gift And Power Of Emotional Courage | Susan David
Featured Service: Stress Management

February 2021: Managing Money

Article: Coping with Debt
Video: Tax Saving Strategies
Featured Service: Financial Consultation

March 2021: Suicide Prevention

Article: Suicide Prevention
Featured Service: Grief and Loss Support

April 2021: Retire Ready

Article: Navigating the Emotional Side of Retirement
Video: The Top Ten Estate Planning Mistakes
Featured Service: Legal Consultation

May 2021: Maintaining Good Mental Health

Webinar: Thought Distortions: Don't Believe Everything You Think - May 11 at 1PM Eastern
Article: Good Mental Health At Every Age
Video: Master Your Mind: Emotional and Physical Health Connections
Featured Service: Counseling

June 2021: Strengthening Your Family

Webinar: Building Resilient Relationships: 3 Foundational Keys That Make Your Relationships Even Better - June 16 at 12PM Eastern
Article: Caregiver Stress
Video: Communicating with Your Partner
Featured Service: Conflict Resolution

July 2021: Positive Psychology

Article: When Looking for Happiness, Find Gratitude
Video: The Power of Positive Self-Talk
Featured Service: Counseling

August 2021: Food and Mood

Webinar: Feeding your Head - August 12 at 12PM Eastern
Article: Nutrition Related to Mental Health
Video: How The Food You Eat Affects Your Brain
Featured Service: Counseling

September 2021: The Power of Sleep

Webinar: Five Techniques for Getting Deep Sleep - September 16 at 12PM Eastern
Article: How Can I Get Better Sleep?
Featured Service: Sleep

October 2021: Parenting

Webinar: Surviving and Thriving as a New Parent - October 12 at 12PM Eastern
Article: Talking To Your Children In Times Of Crisis
Video: Speaking of Psychology - Raising Children Responsibly in the Digital Age with Roberta Golinkoff, PhD
Featured Service: New Parent Support

November 2021: Holiday Stress

Webinar: ‘Tis the Season: Practical Tips for Managing Holiday Stress - November 9 at 12PM Eastern
Article: A Guide to Holiday Survival
Video: 5 Strategies to Actually Enjoy the Holidays This Year
Featured Service: Stress Management

December 2021: Practicing Self-Care

Webinar: Stress Reduction: Self-Care Tools that Can Meet ANY Moment - December 8 at 1PM Eastern
Article: Taking Care of Yourself
Video: Daily Calm | 10 Minute Mindfulness Meditation | Be Present
Featured Service: Counseling